Short Story

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sheyla Gardens is sitting quietly near a meandering river sipping some tea her mother had made for her. She is a young girl of no more than 14, she wears a long, beautiful, flowing dress which lightly outlines her figure. Sheyla has lovely brown hair, which is tied up neatly underneath her shade hat. Her almond shaped eyes are a luscious brown. Though Sheyla prefers jeans and t-shirts to long dresses, her parents are high-class political figures and on occasion she must put up with wearing the fancy dresses, ball room shoes, a face absolutely coated in makeup….almost to the point where you no longer the true beauty that lies beneath. Might I add that the long, drawn out speeches they must attend are utterly boring at best. As Sheyla sits there she thinks back to simpler times as a little one, times when she could run and play as she pleased. Never a dress or skirt needed to be worn, a time when raggedy old shorts and hole torn shirts were an acceptable thing for her to wear. Times when she did not have to attend such drab gatherings, but rather a babysitter was called to watch her. When she could happily play with her best friend in the pastures till sunset. Things had changed so much sense then, since her parents had struck an oil well on their farm eight years ago. She and Kavon rarely saw each other much anymore, for now her life consists of being a picture perfect child, something that could ruin her parents career if anyone ever saw her with the poor farm boy, they mostly kept in touch through letters and phone calls, though there was the occasional secret rendesvous it there was never enough time to make up for all the time in between.
She glanced down at her long flowing dress and admired the smooth material for a moment, and thought to herself about how shocked Kavon would be to see her in a dress. Then she looked around at the flowing river and the trees. Taking a sip of her tea she sighed to herself, and thought about how Kavan would have loved to be there, and how she had no doubt that they would have waded through the water and clibed the big strong oak that was across the river...wether she was wearing a dress or not. "Oh how I miss Kavon" she sighed to herself again as she got up from the grass and began to head back towards the house.