What I've Learned

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I am proud to say,
I don’t need a guy to feel complete,
I am happy the way I am.
I have only one live,
I have only one love,
So I shall not waist it on those,
Who will mean little to me,
Once I have found my man
A wise person once told me this,
She said to me,
“Be careful not to give your heart away,
I’m telling you this because I know how you feel”
And she was right,
“I see how you care for him,
Just make sure it’s not a mistake,
Before you jump in.”
And you know what?
She was right,
I am glad I listened to the voice of wisdom!
So I urge you,
Do be careful,
Guard your heart,
Protect it,
Save something for “Mr. Right,”
So when he comes knocking at your door
You have something left for him!
I almost messed up,
I almost let my feelings get the best of me,
But I am proud to say,
I didn’t.

The Things I Love

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The loving tender care of my family,
The sloppy wet kisses from my dogs
These are the things I love.
The noise and the laughter of my
The sound of rain gently falling onto the
And the sound of crashing waves into the
These are the things I love.
The gentle hum from the wheels of my
As it glides like an eagle over the
pavement, And the wind in my face,
These are the things I love.
The splashing of water as my friends and
I play in the pool
The cuddles at night from my faithful
puppies and good morning kisses too,
These are the things I love.